How Does Your Medical Practice Deal With Appointment Scheduling Issues?

A majority of phone calls that come into most medical offices deal with calendar issues. In other words, patients want to schedule an appointment, re-schedule one, or even cancel their visit. The way that their requests are met over the phone can influence their level of satisfaction with your services. Since each patient should be treated with kindness and respect even when your office is overwhelmed, it might be time to think about using a medical answering service to give you a hand. 

Why Customer Service is Vital for Any Medical Practice

Too many medical practices make the mistake of believing that the only thing that matters is the health of their patients. While this is essential and the reason they come to you, there are other elements to patient care, namely, attention and compassion. Here is why customer service is vital for a medical practice and the ways that partnering with a doctors answering service can help. 

A Virtual Receptionist vs. Hired Receptionist for Your Medical Practice

If you own or manage a medical practice, you may be unsure about the difference between using a receptionist that you hire in-house versus a virtual one. Don't they do the same thing? Will one cost more than the other? Here is a rundown of the similarities and differences between the two as well as the ways that partnering with a medical answering service can benefit your business. 

Is Your Medical Practice Prepared to Cater to Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers are now the fastest-growing segment of older Americans, which means they are the largest group looking for ongoing health care services. Different generations have different demands of service providers, and it would be a mistake to treat everyone the same. Here is how you can cater to this group as well as the ways that a doctors answering service can help.

When Is It Time to Add Staff to Your Medical Practice and When Should You Outsource?

Health care providers may be tempted to handle all aspects of running a practice in-house, but this may not be the most efficient or cost-effective choice. When it comes to providing the highest level of patient care at the best price, it often pays to get some help in a few key areas. Outsourcing things such as billing and your phones to a medical answering service can provide some surprising benefits. 

5 Appointment Scheduling Mistakes to Avoid for Your Medical Practice

The front office staff at your medical practice have to juggle checking patients in and out as well as dealing with a ringing telephone. If it is busy enough, mistakes can be commonplace. Here are several appointment schedule mistakes to avoid and the ways that a hospitals answering service can ensure that these don't happen.

What it Takes to Become a Patient-Centered Medical Provider

Profits may be an important element in the success of your medical practice, but that revenue won't materialize if patients aren't receiving the care they need. Here is what it takes to become a more patient-centered provider and the ways that a physician answering service can help.

How to Best Handle Your Medical Office's Emergency Calls

Your medical office's phones are one of your business' major operational issues.  A common solution for some offices is to simply add more staff and technology to handle calls, but this brings additional challenges. Ringing phones are not only a distraction to office staff, but you also need to deal with emergency calls around the clock, which can't be handled in-house.  Here is how a physician's answering service can help with those urgent calls.

5 Ways a Hospital Can Improve Communications with a Call Center

Good medical care requires effective communication between the provider and their patients. When we are talking about communication from a hospital, things become more complex. Patients that receive treatment in hospitals pass through many different departments and may have a variety of medical providers. Not only do patients need information about their care, but they may also need help with administrative matters. This must all take place under the umbrella of regulations that protect a patient's privacy. Here are just five ways that a hospital can improve its communication and how medical answering services can help.

Strive for Live: Why Voicemail Won't Cut It Anymore for Your Business

As a medical office, you probably work hard to run your business as efficiently as possible and provide the highest level of care to each patient. When you come into the office in the morning, there is probably a blinking light waiting, with a backlog of patient messages to be handled before you even open your doors for the day. What many don't realize, however, are the number of patients who hang up and simply don't leave a message, which could be putting your business in jeopardy.