Health Care Burnout is Real - How Can You Address It?

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in this country, but it is also one of the most demanding. Burnout can be a serious issue in any medical practice. Here are the ways that employee burnout can impact your practice and how a partnership with an answering service for healthcare providers can help. 

How a Medical Answering Service Can Help Your Practice Screen Burdensome Calls

As a health care provider, you want and need to take calls from patients and their loved ones. But other calls come into your office that may not be as welcome. Many solicitors call medical offices at inconvenient times, which can compromise the service you wish to provide to patients. Here are the ways that a medical answering service can help screen these types of calls. 

Why Empathy on the Phone is Essential for a Medical Practice

When patients call a physician's office, they are generally not at their best. They do, however, expect that you will be attentive, caring, and compassionate in your interactions with them. This can be a tall order when you are pulled in many different directions. Here are some reasons why empathy on the phone is vital, some healthcare phone tips, and the ways that a doctors answering service can make this easier for your staff and patients.

How a Doctors Answering Service Can Make Life Easier for a Medical Practice Manager

Medical practice managers wear many hats. They might have to deal with appointments, billing, and staffing issues simultaneously. While the bottom line and efficiency of the business are important, patient care and their satisfaction are priorities. Here are the ways a doctors answering service can make life easier for your medical practice manager.

Why Your Medical Practice Should Consider a Paperless Approach to Doing Business

Going paperless was sort of an inconvenient and faddish thing that businesses began doing over a decade ago and it didn't always make sense. Things have changed, and it might be time for your healthcare practice to consider saving some trees for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, partnering with a medical answering service aligns with these choices.

Provide the Personal Touch Your Patients Want With a Medical Answering Service

A common complaint among many patients is that they feel like a number to their health care provider or are not being given enough attention. While you may be stretched thin in some places, you can improve both, patient care in the office and overall satisfaction with your services by partnering with a medical phone answering service for hospitals, physicians and doctors offices.

Why Choose Secure Email and Text Messaging From Your Medical Answering Service

Many healthcare providers are now choosing to get real-time messages from their answering service partner via text or email. If those messages aren't sent using a secure transmission method, they could jeopardize patient privacy and even violate HIPAA laws. Here is information about those laws and the importance of using a medical answering service that protects your patient's information.

6 Ways an Answering Service Can Help Your Medical Practice

As if practicing medicine wasn't a big enough challenge, you're also faced with running a business if you own or manage a medical practice. Since most physicians and nurses didn't go to school to become telecommunications experts, there's a good argument for partnering with medical answering services. Here are six ways that a doctors answering service can help your hospital or medical practice.

Avoid Costly Medical Malpractice Claims by Using a Reputable Physicians Answering Service

Medical malpractice can be a costly burden on your practice, particularly when it could have been avoided. One study revealed that the cost of medical malpractice in the U.S. was around $55.6 billion per year. There are many examples of patients not getting the timely care they need from providers, which resulted in both negative health outcomes and some costly malpractice cases. Here is how using a reputable physician's answering service can help prevent these tragedies and disprove frivolous claims. 

5 Reasons Why Your Medical Business Needs a Bilingual Answering Service

When you partner with a medical answering service, you are providing more value to your patients. But, what about the ones who have English as a second language or who are only fluent in Spanish? In 2015, there were an estimated 54 million Hispanic people in the U.S., and this country currently has more Spanish-speakers than Spain! Here are five reasons why your medical office should also use a bilingual call answering service.