Legal Practice Management: 5 Areas Where Lawyers Should Consider Outsourcing

Whether you are a startup solo practitioner or a member of a large law firm that loves to pinch pennies, you may be reluctant to ask for help. Since you didn't go to law school to become an expert filer, biller, or receptionist, it may not make sense to handle some of these administrative tasks in-house. Here are several areas that your law firm should consider outsourcing, including the use of a lawyers answering service.

How a Lawyers Answering Service Can Help You "Sell" Your Legal Services

While a lawyer doesn't study the law and sit for the bar exam to become a salesperson, clients are necessary to make a practice thrive and grow. Fortunately, you don't have to do everything on your own. Here are some of the best ways to sell your legal services and how a lawyers answering service can help.

How a Legal Answering Service Can Help You Manage Your Daily Schedule

Many lawyers have a packed schedule each day, and it could also be one that can change on a dime. A hearing can be continued only to be replaced by another that has been squeezed onto the docket. Then, there are impromptu meetings with new and prospective clients to fit into any open slots. Here are several tips for managing a busy legal schedule each day and the ways your lawyers answering service can help.

Some Legal Marketing Methods That Work in 2018

The legal field is competitive, and lawyers must serve their current clients while also working to build a list of new clientele. What you did five years ago or even last year may not bring in the level of business that you want to succeed and grow your practice. Here are some tips for marketing your legal services in the current environment, including several ways that a lawyers answering service can help.

5 Things Successful Legal Practices DON'T Do

Whether you are a part of a large law office or operate as a sole practitioner, your success as a lawyer depends on winning cases in addition to bringing in new business. The legal profession is highly competitive, so the way that you operate your business is increasingly important. Here are several things that you'll want to avoid doing if you're going to survive and grow and the ways that a lawyers answering service can help.

How a Lawyers Answering Service Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Whether you are just starting out as a sole practitioner or have been in business for several years, you probably want to grow and expand your practice. The legal industry is competitive in most markets, so this could be a challenge. Here are several ways that a lawyers answering service could help you realize the goal of growing your law practice.

6 Important Considerations When Answering Calls for a Law Office

When you hire a lawyers answering service, you want one that understands your industry and the unique needs of your business and its clients. According to the ABA Journal, more than $1 billion is now invested in legal advertising. If someone finds out about your firm and decides to call, you want to make sure that you do everything possible to capture their business. Here are several things that a quality legal answering service will consider when they answer the phone on your behalf.