Cost Effectiveness of Live Service and Automation

Cost Effectiveness of Live Service and Automation

One of the most significant ways patients formulate opinions about the quality of their care is through their interactions with doctors’ via the telephone.

While automation seems to have permeated every aspect of our society today, including the physician’s office, according to market surveys, callers are more likely to do business when a live person answers the phone.

How Your Call Answering Service Works Beyond What Happens on the Phone

Most people picture the main role of a call answering service as phone-based. This may be a part of the role that your professional answering service plays on your behalf, but their job isn't complete when the call is finished. Here are some of the other things that answering services do and how they work behind the scenes to stay sharp for their clients - you!

4 Ways You Can Use Your Professional Answering Service to Convert Leads

The first quarter of the year is the perfect time to start making some business goals, and we've got a good one for you. Trade those unqualified leads that never close to high-quality leads that actually convert.

Answering Phone Calls Professionally: How to Handle Aggravated Callers

It takes patience, practice, and a bit of finesse to routinely handle aggravated callers. A customer may get upset with your business for a variety of reasons, and it's your job to handle those calls professionally whether the reason is justified or not. How you manage a difficult customer could make the difference between losing a client and receiving more business from a satisfied client referral. Here are a few tips for managing those difficult calls as well as the ways that a call answering service can help.

4 Ways Voicemail Could Be Hurting Your Business

Running a business in any industry is a challenge, and it's difficult to operate your business effectively while still being available for customers when they call. Unfortunately, being accessible to clients is part of the job, and many will head for the door if you're not giving them the attention they deserve. 

6 Myths That Businesses Believe About Professional Answering Services

We all have preconceived notions about businesses and services, and a professional answering service is no exception. When you're dealing with the unknown or considering trusting another company with a part of your business, having doubts is understandable. Here are a few busted myths about call answering services that could make you look at them in an entirely different light.

The Future of Customer Service: Where Will Tech Take Us?

If there is one thing that clients and customers love, it's great service. Whether you are serving coffee or providing legal services, a top priority should always be to deliver the highest level of customer care possible. Several years ago, American Express conducted a Service Study, finding that 63% of consumers felt their heart rate increase (in a good way) when they received great customer service. Delivering the best service is hard work, and we know that keeping your business running is difficult enough. Fortunately, technology is making this task easier. Here is where we see the future of customer service headed and how tech is pushing us to new levels of customer care.

Even in the Digital Age, Manners Still Matter

The digital age has made communication and nearly everything else easier and faster than it was just ten or twenty years ago. With our lightning-fast exchange of data, it can be tempting to throw in short-cuts that get us to our destination even quicker. However, neglecting manners and basic etiquette in business situations can be a costly mistake. Here are several reasons why manners still matter and how a professional answering service can help.