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Three ways to put money into your people that will not break the bank, but will increase productivity, morale and attendance; monthly bonuses, half day continuing education / management training and team building exercises.

Answering 365 Case Study: Temple Burn Center and 24/7 Coverage

Many medical providers understand that a large part of delivering quality service is being available when a patient needs care. This is particularly the case in acute and emergency care situations, where precious minutes can make the difference between life and death, or a positive vs. negative medical outcome. Answering365 was recently able to work with Temple University Hospital Burn Center to address some important scheduling issues for its patients.

Temple University Burn Center is a critical part of the Temple University Hospital System. This Level 1 trauma center is the Philadelphia region's only burn center and the only burn facility to be affiliated with an academic medical center. The center is verified by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons. They offer both high-level trauma care and outpatient treatment for less severe burns. Regardless of the severity of the injury or burn, all patients are given the highest priority to be seen by a Burn Center Specialist.

Answering365 helped Temple University Burn Center with their medical appointment scheduling.

Temple Burn Center Challenges

The most pressing challenge that Temple University Burn Center faced was that of coverage for 24/7 patient scheduling. Whether calls come in from individual patients, referring physicians, or area emergency trauma centers, the facility wanted those calls to be answered by a live individual who could schedule patients appropriately and escalate issues as needed.

All burns require some kind of immediate treatment and as many as 10 percent are chronic, requiring trauma care. In many cases, a burn victim needs someone to speak with to discern whether or not they need to race to the hospital.

Answering365 Medical Answering Services Solutions

Answering365 teamed up with Dr. William B. Hughes, the Medical Director of the Temple University Burn Center to establish the best solution for their patient contact. Answering365's skilled team of operators took over the answering of the center's office calls 24/7. They currently schedule more than 30 appointments each day using the Center's existing software. The call operators at Answering365 also handle the Center's after-hours operational calls.

Medical answering services with Answering365 can be customized to your particular business needs.

Answering365 24/7 Scheduling and Medical Dispatch Services

Answering365's medical answering services provide streamlined solutions to medical providers at an affordable price. We are an award-winning U.S.-based answering service that only employs high-skilled and well-trained call operators for our doctor's answering services. Call operators are trained in medical terminology, and we have bilingual staff available for Spanish-speaking clients.

Medical providers who use our services can customize their answering service according to their particular needs. We act as an extension of your business so that callers aren't even aware that they've reached an outside answering service. We can schedule appointments, make appointment reminder calls, provide medical dispatch services, enter medical records information, and even help with promotional or clinical trials sign-ups.

Medical providers can rest easy knowing that our processes and systems are 100% HIPAA-compliant, taking your business and your patient's privacy seriously. Our state-of-the-art technology can be used to schedule your medical appointments, or our system can integrate seamlessly with your own. Contact us today to find out more about our medical answering services or to receive a customized quote.

Answering 365 Case Study: Midwest X-Ray's Mobile Imaging Solution

In today's global marketplace, being successful often means offering a unique product or service at exceptional value. According to the latest figures from the CDC, healthcare in the U.S. alone is a $3 trillion annual business. With more than 70 percent of medical decisions based on medical testing, the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of tests has become a crucial component to providing top care. One unique imaging company in the Midwest understands these issues well.

Midwest X-Ray was founded in 1997 with a mission to provide high-quality mobile imaging services in a busy Midwest market. The company uses only state-of-the-art technology and guarantees both patient and provider satisfaction. They are the only mobile imaging service in the Midwest that offers 100 percent digital images and their partners include some of the largest healthcare providers in the region. The company's rapid growth and unique service model presented some interesting challenges that the team at Answering365 were able to help address.

Answering365 was able to help this mobile imaging company with some unique challenges.