How the Internet of Things Could Impact Your Business Answering Service

By now you are probably familiar with the term the "Internet of Things" (IoT), but may not be entirely sure what it means or how it impacts your business. This technology not only has the potential to influence how you work, but it can also make it easier for your company to operate and grow. If you've hired a business answering service, you should be realizing a number of benefits. Here are several ways that the internet of things impacts and improves your company's professional answering service.

How Using a Physicians Answering Service During the Day Can Help Cut Costs

Managing a healthcare practice, whether a clinic or medical office, is challenging. Not only is your office busy with patients waiting to be treated, but you also have a mountain of data and administrative duties to handle. You might think that a physician's answering service is only necessary when your office is closed, but there are many reasons why these services benefit your business when used around the clock. One benefit of using a daytime medical answering service is that it can help you cut costs.

5 Ways That Having a Bilingual Answering Service Sets You Apart From Others

If your medical practice isn't taking steps to serve the rapidly expanding market in your area, there's a good chance that you are missing out on a significant portion of the available business. There are now more than 30 million people living in the United States whose primary language is other than English. The largest group of these speaks Spanish, a growing segment of the population. Here are five ways that having a bilingual answering service can help your business and set you apart from the competition.

5 Home Health Services a Physician's Answering Service Should Provide

When patients need home health care, some may arise outside of normal business hours. Even in the middle of the day, It may not be practical to attend to the needs of one patient and family, only to be interrupted by other clients or health care provider calls. 

5 Ways a Hospital Can Improve Communications with a Call Center

Good medical care requires effective communication between the provider and their patients. When we are talking about communication from a hospital, things become more complex. Patients that receive treatment in hospitals pass through many different departments and may have a variety of medical providers. Not only do patients need information about their care, but they may also need help with administrative matters. This must all take place under the umbrella of regulations that protect a patient's privacy. Here are just five ways that a hospital can improve its communication and how medical answering services can help.

How a Call Answering Service Can Help Grow Your Business While You Sleep

Owning and running a business is difficult on the best of days. Too many business owners believe that they have to do everything themselves, which can be expensive and can stifle growth. In truth, there's only so much that you can do single-handedly and still take care of your customers. Getting help in some key areas is one of the best ways to up your game and grow your business long-term. Here are five ways that a call answering service can help you achieve these goals, even when your company's managers are asleep.

6 Must-Haves for Your Medical Answering Service

Most doctors offices and medical providers now recognize that hiring a medical answering service can make a significant difference in several key areas. The office can run more efficiently, the level of patient care can increase, and patients are more satisfied with your services. 

The Difference Between a Call Answering Service and Onsite Employees?

Any company that wants to grow and prosper understands that customer service must come first. Answering and responding to your business' phone calls are a large part of how you connect with clients who might want to hire your company, get an update, or even lodge a complaint. Your organization might have a strong in-house team that is dedicated to serving your clients, but is answering the phone the best use of their time and resources? Here are several differences between using a professional call answering service versus onsite employees to answer your company's phones.

How a Call Answering Service Can Help Your Business Become More Green

Many companies are trying to up their eco-friendly game. Some businesses can be more environmentally-friendly by modifying their products or services. Some can make changes to their internal operations to reduce their carbon footprint to help save the planet. Yet, some may not have thought about the ways that using a call answering service could impact the environment. 

Can Your Answering Machine Perform Telephone Triage?

Physician's offices that don't have a way to take after hours calls are doing their patients a disservice. Patients trust your office for the medical needs, which at times might be urgent. If they call your office with a question or concern outside of your normal office hours, few will be happy to hear a recorded message on the other end of the line. Telephone triage requires someone to speak to a patient to determine whether or not they need immediate care or should receive a call back from the physician. Here are some reasons why your answering machine can't provide this service and why a live answering service is a better choice.