Service: The Soul of an Answering Service

Surviving in business today requires that you're not only good at what you do but that you also treat your customers better than your competitors do. If you want to keep pace with your rivals or to leave them in the dust, a good strategy is to concentrate on your core business and delegate support functions to quality providers. In the area of customer service, here are six ways that a call answering service can help your business rise to the top.

Answering Questions: The Heart of an Answering Service

Does your company spend a lot of time answering routine questions over the telephone? Both current and potential clients might call your business number with a variety of questions that you're happy to answer, but that also take time out of your busy schedule. Here are some of the ways that a professional call answering service can help you better serve those customers while allowing your business to grow at the same time.

7 Ways an Answering Service Helps Grow Your Business

Owning and operating a business is difficult enough. But, if you want to survive long-term, your business has to show steady growth. The ways to successfully grow your business include having a strong financial foundation, efficient business operations, and taking good care of your customers. Here are seven ways that a professional answering service can help you accomplish all of these goals, which will also result in additional growth for your business.

Missed Calls: A Costly Drag On Your Business

You may have opened your business to provide a superior product or service to the public, but failing to do a few simple things could spell disaster. Consider your company's phones, for example. Your company might be so successful that you just can't find the time to answer a ringing telephone. Yet, this could end up costing you customers and revenue. Find out just how much missed calls are dragging down your business and what you can do to gain a competitive edge.

6 Must-Haves for a Mobile Lab Answering Service

If your company runs a mobile medical lab or even a fleet of them you understand that the primary purpose of these services is to provide a convenient and efficient means of testing for patients and healthcare providers. Running a mobile lab requires a lot of coordination and foresight, some of which is handled over the phone with either clients or healthcare staff. One way to increase efficiency and provide the highest level of care is to use a mobile lab answering service. Here are six must-haves when you choose an answering service for a mobile lab business.

What to Look for in an Elective Surgery Answering Service

One of the goals of an outpatient surgery center is to efficiently serve the needs of patients while delivering the highest quality of care. This type of business must not only have capable hands in the operating room, but also at all levels of support. Each day at a surgery center is filled with activity, as patients check-in, have their procedures, and are then discharged. One way to boost both productivity and service is to use a surgery center answering service. Here are the qualities and services to put at the top of your list as you search for the best elective surgery answering service.

Crucial Seconds: Why Your Home Health Answering Service is Important

If you run a home health care or hospice organization, there's a good chance that you've become increasingly overwhelmed with business over the past several years. If news reports and statistics ring true, that volume of business coming into such companies is going to continue to skyrocket due to several factors.

Why Good Government Begins with Efficiency

A government agency is usually tasked with providing a particular service to the public and doing so with limited resources. Even when the economy is strong, and budgets aren't as tight, one of the top initiatives of many government agencies is to become more efficient and cut costs. Fortunately, there is one option that can allow you to do both. Here is how a government agency answering service can help save both time and money for your organization, and even increase client satisfaction along the way.

5 Must-Haves with an Emergency Medical Dispatch Answering Service

By their nature, emergencies aren't on anyone's schedule or to-do list. Many of us don't know how we'll react in when an urgent situation arises, and medical emergencies can be especially troubling. A physician's office that isn't prepared to take care of its patient's needs during these circumstances could find that patients seek care elsewhere or become dissatisfied with their services. Fortunately, a quality medical answering service can help better serve your clients. Specifically, an emergency medical dispatch service can assist both your patients and your office with urgent medical situations. Here are just five must-haves with a quality emergency dispatch service.

How Do I Choose an Answering Service?

A professional answering service can help your company grow its business by allowing you to better serve both new and existing clients. If you've decided to hire an answering service, you've made an excellent choice. Yet, choosing the right service for your business can be overwhelming since there are so many companies to choose from. Here are six tips to help you select the best professional answering service as well as few must-have features that you'll want to include on your list.