6 Gifts for Call Center Agents

The call center agents at your professional call answering service work around the clock to deliver the highest level of service. Fortunately, they work in shifts, so they're always well-rested and ready to provide efficient and friendly service to every caller whether for a medical provider, law office, or other busy enterprises.

5 Ways to Excel at Customer Service During the Holidays

The holiday season can be the busiest time of year for some businesses, but it also presents some unique challenges. Maintaining that same high level of customer service that both you and your clients expect of your organization can be a challenge when you are short-staffed while facing increased opportunities to earn revenue at the same time. Here are five ways your business can focus on customer service during this upcoming season and how a call answering service can help.

Health Care Burnout is Real - How Can You Address It?

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in this country, but it is also one of the most demanding. Burnout can be a serious issue in any medical practice. Here are the ways that employee burnout can impact your practice and how a partnership with an answering service for healthcare providers can help. 

How a Medical Answering Service Can Help Your Practice Screen Burdensome Calls

As a health care provider, you want and need to take calls from patients and their loved ones. But other calls come into your office that may not be as welcome. Many solicitors call medical offices at inconvenient times, which can compromise the service you wish to provide to patients. Here are the ways that a medical answering service can help screen these types of calls. 

How Can Technology Benefit Your Property Management Business?

A successful property management company doesn't stay stuck in the past but rather innovates to make life easier for its clients, tenants, and business partners. While you may not want to adopt every new trend, there are several ways you can leverage technology to help your business. Here are several examples, including the use of a call answering system.

Are You Paying Attention to the Culture in Your Property Management Company?

It may be behind the scenes, but the culture that you foster in your property management business will have a significant impact on client and tenant relations. Having the right people on your team is a good start, as is building strong alliances with partners who will help you serve clients. Here is what you need to know about culture and the way a professional answering service can help.

Legal Practice Management: 5 Areas Where Lawyers Should Consider Outsourcing

Whether you are a startup solo practitioner or a member of a large law firm that loves to pinch pennies, you may be reluctant to ask for help. Since you didn't go to law school to become an expert filer, biller, or receptionist, it may not make sense to handle some of these administrative tasks in-house. Here are several areas that your law firm should consider outsourcing, including the use of a lawyers answering service.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Choosing a Call Answering Service

You have a winning idea and plan for a business but need some help. You've realized that you can't do it all and your business contacts and leads need to be able to reach you so that you can make this new venture work. Partnering with a call answering service is the right move, but you have many options for services. Here is some information about using these services as a startup and leveraging their benefits. 

Why Empathy on the Phone is Essential for a Medical Practice

When patients call a physician's office, they are generally not at their best. They do, however, expect that you will be attentive, caring, and compassionate in your interactions with them. This can be a tall order when you are pulled in many different directions. Here are some reasons why empathy on the phone is vital, some healthcare phone tips, and the ways that a doctors answering service can make this easier for your staff and patients.

How Does Your Medical Practice Deal With Appointment Scheduling Issues?

A majority of phone calls that come into most medical offices deal with calendar issues. In other words, patients want to schedule an appointment, re-schedule one, or even cancel their visit. The way that their requests are met over the phone can influence their level of satisfaction with your services. Since each patient should be treated with kindness and respect even when your office is overwhelmed, it might be time to think about using a medical answering service to give you a hand.