What Role Does Technology Play with an Answering Service?

Posted by Tony Patterson on Feb 21, 2017 7:01:00 AM

We're currently living in the Information Age, so if your business is still using outdated systems or failing to safeguard customer's information, you'll likely be left in the dust. Technology should play a big role in the answering service that you select for your company as well. Not all professional answering services are the same, and some place a higher value on technology than others. Here are several roles that technology plays with an answering service and how Answering365 addresses each of those functions.

Answering365 uses advanced answering service technology
Call System Technology

A quality answering service should have a state-of-the-art call center system. For example, Answering365 operates its call center with Startel's patented, award-winning, call center switch. The advanced system is web-enabled and allows call operators to provide several valuable services to clients. The system delivers state-of-the-art voice processing and messaging capabilities so that callers get the clearest response possible.

Startel's system also has text messaging capability, which can be used with Answering365's emergency dispatch services. It is also 100% HIPAA and PCI compliant, so completely secure text and email messages can be sent from the system.

Server Technology

If your answering service's servers aren't up to par, you could run into problems with data storage, security, and even speed of response. Answering365 uses Dell PowerEdge Series Servers with lightning fast dual Intel Xeon Quad Core processors.

Not only the servers powerful, but they are powered by redundant systems to ensure that they stay in operation. The system is backed by a high-capacity backup battery supply as well as redundant telephone lines, VOIP connections, and T1 lines so that connectivity is never lost. Data backups, both onsite and offsite, are completed on a regular schedule.

Answering service representative
Cloud Pass-Thru

While cloud storage is used predominantly today, you may not wish to risk your company's data on the cloud. Answering365 does not store messages on a cloud server, but rather passes them through from one user to another. This Cloud Pass-Thru system is more secure than a client/server system since no messages are stored on a 3rd party cloud. This reduces the possibility of a data breach and keeps your company's and client's information safe.

Individual Public/Private Key Encryption

When you look for a professional answering service, the security of your data should be a top concern. At Answering365, this is also a priority that is addressed with the company's public/private key encryption architecture. This system ensures that only the intended recipient is able to decrypt, or read, a message. This is the highest level of security and protects your company from any privacy or potential HIPAA violations.

Answering365 is a U.S.-based award-winning answering service that provides quality answering services to a variety of industries. Contact us to find out how we can help your company with our state-of-the-art answering services or start a free trial now.

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