8 Things You Can Do Instead of Answer Phones When You Hire a Professional Answering Service

Answering your business' phones is an essential task, but it's also time-consuming. Once you make the wise choice to partner with a professional answering service, you'll be amazed at how much more time you and your staff will have to dedicate to your business. Here are eight valuable things you can do with that newfound time.

4 Ways You Can Use Your Professional Answering Service to Convert Leads

The first quarter of the year is the perfect time to start making some business goals, and we've got a good one for you. Trade those unqualified leads that never close to high-quality leads that actually convert.

The Importance of Keeping Your Call Answering Service Apprised of Business Changes

Businesses tend to change and evolve as a matter of course. One of the things that you want from your call answering service is accurate and up-to-date information provided to your callers. Here is why that accurate data is so important,  why it's vital that you keep your professional answering service updated on any business changes, and important information that you want to share.

How to Best Handle Your Medical Office's Emergency Calls

Your medical office's phones are one of your business' major operational issues.  A common solution for some offices is to simply add more staff and technology to handle calls, but this brings additional challenges. Ringing phones are not only a distraction to office staff, but you also need to deal with emergency calls around the clock, which can't be handled in-house.  Here is how a physician's answering service can help with those urgent calls.

How a Lawyers Answering Service Can Help Your Firm Capture Business

One goal of any law firm is to grow its client base. Your law office might have the best social media campaigns and most persuasive website copy, but accessibility matters. Most clients who need legal services have a sense of urgency about those needs. If someone isn't available to speak to potential clients immediately, you could lose valuable business. Here is how a lawyers answering service can help you capture new business with its client intake services.

Answering Phone Calls Professionally: How to Handle Aggravated Callers

It takes patience, practice, and a bit of finesse to routinely handle aggravated callers. A customer may get upset with your business for a variety of reasons, and it's your job to handle those calls professionally whether the reason is justified or not. How you manage a difficult customer could make the difference between losing a client and receiving more business from a satisfied client referral. Here are a few tips for managing those difficult calls as well as the ways that a call answering service can help.

How Response Time Can Impact Your Business

Does your company have a reputation for superior response time and client satisfaction? The truth is that this is an area that presents a challenge for many organizations. The Harvard Business Review released a study on the lead response time of over 2,200 U.S. companies. It found that just over half (53%) responded within 24 hours and nearly one-quarter (23%) never responded at all.

What is a Virtual Receptionist and How Can This Service Help Your Business?

Most companies need someone to answer their telephone. Technology can be essential for some business functions, but there is value in having a live person available to speak with current and potential clients. One way to provide this service is a virtual receptionist.

6 Myths That Businesses Believe About Professional Answering Services

We all have preconceived notions about businesses and services, and a professional answering service is no exception. When you're dealing with the unknown or considering trusting another company with a part of your business, having doubts is understandable. Here are a few busted myths about call answering services that could make you look at them in an entirely different light.

The 5 Benefits of Having a Professional Answering Service Manage Your Appointments

It's difficult to operate and grow a business if you aren't meeting with clients. Unfortunately, managing the phones and your company's calendar can be a full-time job. Yet, it's a necessity for your operations and to keep your customers satisfied.