How Medical Answering Services Can Improve Patient Care Coordination

When a patient needs medical care, there is always some degree of coordination involved. How much coordination is necessary depends on factors such as the patient's condition and their medical coverage. Various arrangements might be required between a provider and the patient, the insurer, and a provider, or even two different providers. 

How Your Practice Can Budget for Medical Answering Services

Some medical practices remain on a tight budget to control costs. Even though partnering with a professional answering service might be the best idea for your patients and the growth of your business, you might think that you can't make it work because of finances. Here is why using medical answering services makes sense and some ways to find room in the budget for this affordable service.

How a Physicians Answering Service Can Help Your Practice This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be such a challenge for medical providers. As a physician or practice owner, your goal is to provide the highest level of patient care possible, but you also have to balance that with serving the needs of your staff. Your employees work hard year-round and look forward to some time off with their loved ones at the end of the year, yet your patients may need more help than ever during this time. One of the best ways to strike this balance is to partner with a physicians answering service.

How to Handle Calls from Angry or Dissatisfied Patients

When was the last time you received a phone call from an upset patient? Chances are it wasn't in the too distant past. Even the best medical practice can't please everyone. When patients become angry or dissatisfied with their care, they're probably going to let you know as well as a few other people. According to the Harvard Business Review

48% of customers who have negative experiences will tell ten or more people about it. 

Provided you are one of those ten, here are several ways to diffuse those calls and how the call operators from a doctors answering service can help.

Tips for Training Medical Staff in Patient Communication

Effective communication is key to providing the most successful healthcare experience. That communication usually begins from the first point of contact with a potential patient who needs an appointment. The reality is that many medical offices are either understaffed or don't have a medical staff professionally trained in patient communication. Here are some tips for training medical staff in patient communication as well as how a physician answering service can help your business.

What Does Reputation Management Mean for a Medical Office?

As a medical provider, you think about the reputation of your practice. The important issue is what you are able to do about it.  

Time Management Tips for New and Established Medical Practices

When you work in the healthcare field, time is a precious commodity. Your patient's needs may not conform to normal business hours, and the tasks that have to be completed when your business is open tend to grow. Time is only an asset if you manage it properly and this is never truer than in a medical business. 

How Using a Physicians Answering Service During the Day Can Help Cut Costs

Managing a healthcare practice, whether a clinic or medical office, is challenging. Not only is your office busy with patients waiting to be treated, but you also have a mountain of data and administrative duties to handle. You might think that a physician's answering service is only necessary when your office is closed, but there are many reasons why these services benefit your business when used around the clock. One benefit of using a daytime medical answering service is that it can help you cut costs.

5 Ways That Having a Bilingual Answering Service Sets You Apart From Others

If your medical practice isn't taking steps to serve the rapidly expanding market in your area, there's a good chance that you are missing out on a significant portion of the available business. There are now more than 30 million people living in the United States whose primary language is other than English. The largest group of these speaks Spanish, a growing segment of the population. Here are five ways that having a bilingual answering service can help your business and set you apart from the competition.

5 Home Health Services a Physician's Answering Service Should Provide

When patients need home health care, some may arise outside of normal business hours. Even in the middle of the day, It may not be practical to attend to the needs of one patient and family, only to be interrupted by other clients or health care provider calls.