Behind Every Good Attorney? A Top-Notch Answering Service

Clients hire your firm because they know you deliver great work, right? That may be true, but it's not the only reason that a client will choose one practice over another. While winning cases helps build a positive reputation, it's the way that you treat your clients that's the key to building a successful practice. Here are several ways that a top-notch answering service can help you provide the best customer experience.

A top legal answering service can help boost your practice's level of customer service.

5 Reasons Every Law Firm Needs a Quality Answering Service

The volume of calls coming into a typical legal office each day can be overwhelming. Everyone needs a lawyer at some point, and sometimes those needs are rather urgent. Once a legal professional is found, clients may have questions or simply need to schedule appointments for routine matters. If you run one of these legal offices, you know that time is a premium each day. Here are five reasons why every law firm needs a quality answering service.

There are several reasons that a law firm needs a quality answering service.

Medical Appointment Scheduling


When was your last physical? If you had to think about it, then it is past due. So call your doctor’s office and get it scheduled. Be warned – your doctor may not have openings for at least three to four months, but that is not your biggest concern. Can I speak to a live person without a long wait or going through a lengthy phone tree? Doctor’s offices are routinely busy and in a place where customer service is just as important as the service you can only hope your doctor’s office employs enough people to get you on and off the phone quickly.

7 Great Gift Ideas for a Medical Call Center Team

The holidays are here, and medical call center employees remain hard at work serving some of the nation's largest and most profitable hospitals and providers. Call center employees are highly-trained operators who provide fast, friendly, and efficient service to patients, giving medical offices more time for patient care. Here are just seven holiday gift ideas to help show a talented medical call center team that they're appreciated.

What Do Patients Expect When They Call Their Doctor's Office?

As a medical practice, a primary concern is patient care and satisfaction. If your patients aren't satisfied, the chances of them seeking care somewhere else go up. Most medical offices are finding that earning high satisfaction ratings from patients isn't as easy as it was in the past. Here are some of the top expectations of patients calling into a doctor's office and how a top medical answering service can help.

How to Avoid Overbooking at Your Medical Practice

It's all too common in medical offices. Patients show up for appointments only to wait an hour or more in a waiting room, often becoming more disgruntled by the minute. If you're a medical practice that has this issue, chances are that your patients aren't very happy with their experience regardless of the quality of care they're being provided. Most of the time, these problems are due to medical overbooking.

How the Holidays Can Affect a Medical Call Center

Worried about how the holidays will affect your medical practice? If you own or operate a busy medical practice, patient care is likely a top priority. One way of taking care of patients is being responsive to requests for such things as appointments, medication changes, and various healthcare-related questions.


My son remarked the other day that the holiday season is here. It was the first week of October!

The holiday season use to be resigned to a four day weekend in November and two weeks in December. Note, New Years Eve has always just been an excuse to party. However, today the holiday season starts mid October and stretches to the first full weekend of January. Filled with costumed gatherings, office parties and a buffet of holiday themed events the work place has been beset with absenteeism, tardiness and stack full of vacation requests.

ATSI: Why It Matters and 24 by 7 Call Centers?

I am a baseball fan. A necessary part of America’s pastime is the umpires. As a fan, the umpires are only right when the “call” goes in favor of my team. Whether it’s calling balls and strikes or a close play at the plate every fan looks to the umpire for fairness. In sports and in business, having someone oversee and regulate creates a level playing field for everyone.

Expert Interview Series: Peter Boyd of PaperStreet with Marketing Tips for Attorneys

Peter Boyd is a Florida attorney who practiced in the area of intellectual property law and has worked on over 1,000 website projects since 1996. He founded PaperStreet, a web marketing company, during law school when he realized that many firms did not have a website, or had a poorly designed one.