The Importance of Awards

Posted by Gerardo Espinosa on Aug 18, 2016 7:00:00 AM

As a little league coach the look on the face of a 10 year old child when he or she gets a trophy is priceless. The award could be for first place or a “participation” trophy; it does not matter to them. Now, in the real world of business and corporate mobility an award Awards are important in determining the quality of a phone answering and call center servicesays one thing; you did something better than your competition. No matter what anyone tells you, win, lose , and whether your accomplishments show up near or at the top - matters.

As you look for a call center you want to know a few things about who they are as a business. Are they at the top of their industry? Do they match up to your needs? Do they have software in place to provide the service you requested?

Award Winning Service?

Getting an award or accolades is great, but the person or organization giving you that award is just as important. In the world of call centers and answering services there are a few national and international organizations that instruct, certify and advocate for this industry. One of those organizations is The Association of Teleservices International, Inc. or ATSI.

ATSI is the premiere online learning for the TAS industry. From HIPAA compliance tools and advocacy on a federal level to protect the industry, ATSI has been around since 1942 highlighting the importance and need for qualified call centers. Representing at least 350 Teleservice agencies worldwide, ATSI encourages high standards of ethics and services of its members.

One way they do this is through their Award of Excellence and Call Center Award of Distinction annual campaign. Contracting independent judges, ATSI evaluates message centers over a six month period. The criteria for scoring include the caller experience, response time, courtesy, accuracy and overall service to their clients.

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Is your call center on the list

Matching Needs

Just picking up the phone does not count. Do they understand your business? A law office’s needs differ from those of a property management company. A 24 / 7 service is more suited to property management agencies as the bulk of their calls come in after hours. Conversely, most law offices require a virtual receptionist during business hours. Whether a missed call results in further property damage or in the case of a law firm getting the best representation your service’s availability is key to matching your specific needs.

Some organizations must consider whether a bilingual aspect is required. Having a bilingual operator for a Texas or California based company may be more important than an Alaska based company because of surrounding populace. If you are in the medical field you want a HIPAA complaint organization with the ability to properly deliver and capture your messages within HIPAA guidelines.

Software Needs

Software in this example is not what you think. Digital phone systems and servers represent the “hardware”. It is the people, the operator, the training behind the voice that represents the “software”.

Earlier I stated “picking up the phone does not count”. The delivery and understanding of how that after hours message or business hour call is handled is just as important, if not more than answering under two or three rings. In a world of technology and instance gratification, businesses need real time answers and compliance to their needs. A well trained and dedicated phone rep who understands your businesses’ protocol also for peace of mind.

The next time you go to a sporting event, see a movie, buy a car or more importantly look for a school for your child to attend; look at their track record. Are the walls in theThe ATSI award for excellence is an important indication of the quality of service to expect froma recipient answering service company principal’s office filled with awards of excellence? Does the curriculum match your child’s growing need to be challenged? What is the quality of the teachers at that school?

Awards matter.

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