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5 Requirements of the Top Medical Answering Services

Getting help with your practice's phones is an excellent decision, but the truth is that not all medical answering services are the same. Here are several requirements that you should look for as a minimum for any physicians answering service.

6 Myths That Businesses Believe About Professional Answering Services

We all have preconceived notions about businesses and services, and a professional answering service is no exception. When you're dealing with the unknown or considering trusting another company with a part of your business, having doubts is understandable. Here are a few busted myths about call answering services that could make you look at them in an entirely different light.

Tips for Boosting Morale in Your Medical Office

Medical offices can be high-stress environments with many demands. Not only are happy employees more productive, but they are also more engaged with their environment which is critical in a healthcare setting. 

How to Boost Productivity in Your Legal Practice

Managing a law firm can present a unique set of challenges. Not only do you have to adhere to a certain set of legal standards, but you also need to compete for clients and operate efficiently enough to grow your business. How do you accomplish all of these goals at the same time? Many successful legal practices have found that certain tools and services can help boost their productivity. 

5 Ways Your Call Answering Service Can Impact Your Company's Bottom Line

If your company's bottom line results aren't positive and growing, the chances of your survival are slim. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), only about half of all businesses with employees survive to five years. Here are five ways that partnering with a call answering service can have a positive impact on your business' bottom line and its long-term survival.

How a Call Overflow Answering Service Can Help Your Medical Practice

You may adore your medical practice's front office staff or receptionist, but they may not always be able to handle heavy call volume along with the demands of a busy office. When patients call your office number, they are generally looking for help with their issues sooner rather than later. One patient satisfaction survey found that the primary area medical offices struggle with is delivering timely information and appointments to their patients. Here are the ways that a call overflow answering service can help your medical practice better communicate with patients and deliver a higher standard of care.

How Medical Answering Services Can Improve Patient Care Coordination

When a patient needs medical care, there is always some degree of coordination involved. How much coordination is necessary depends on factors such as the patient's condition and their medical coverage. Various arrangements might be required between a provider and the patient, the insurer, and a provider, or even two different providers. 

How Your Practice Can Budget for Medical Answering Services

Some medical practices remain on a tight budget to control costs. Even though partnering with a professional answering service might be the best idea for your patients and the growth of your business, you might think that you can't make it work because of finances. Here is why using medical answering services makes sense and some ways to find room in the budget for this affordable service.

What Proper Phone Etiquette Can Mean for Your Business

Have you answered your business phone so many times that what and how you say a greeting is automatic? Of course, that makes sense, but it might not be the best plan for your ongoing business. We're not all "on" 24 hours a day, yet clients tend to have some lofty expectations. 

How to Handle Calls from Angry or Dissatisfied Patients

When was the last time you received a phone call from an upset patient? Chances are it wasn't in the too distant past. Even the best medical practice can't please everyone. When patients become angry or dissatisfied with their care, they're probably going to let you know as well as a few other people. According to the Harvard Business Review

48% of customers who have negative experiences will tell ten or more people about it. 

Provided you are one of those ten, here are several ways to diffuse those calls and how the call operators from a doctors answering service can help.