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5 Ways That Having a Bilingual Answering Service Sets You Apart From Others

If your medical practice isn't taking steps to serve the rapidly expanding market in your area, there's a good chance that you are missing out on a significant portion of the available business. There are now more than 30 million people living in the United States whose primary language is other than English. The largest group of these speaks Spanish, a growing segment of the population. Here are five ways that having a bilingual answering service can help your business and set you apart from the competition.

How a Call Answering Service Can Help Grow Your Business While You Sleep

Owning and running a business is difficult on the best of days. Too many business owners believe that they have to do everything themselves, which can be expensive and can stifle growth. In truth, there's only so much that you can do single-handedly and still take care of your customers. Getting help in some key areas is one of the best ways to up your game and grow your business long-term. Here are five ways that a call answering service can help you achieve these goals, even when your company's managers are asleep.

6 Must-Haves for Your Medical Answering Service

Most doctors offices and medical providers now recognize that hiring a medical answering service can make a significant difference in several key areas. The office can run more efficiently, the level of patient care can increase, and patients are more satisfied with your services. 

Can Your Answering Machine Perform Telephone Triage?

Physician's offices that don't have a way to take after hours calls are doing their patients a disservice. Patients trust your office for the medical needs, which at times might be urgent. If they call your office with a question or concern outside of your normal office hours, few will be happy to hear a recorded message on the other end of the line. Telephone triage requires someone to speak to a patient to determine whether or not they need immediate care or should receive a call back from the physician. Here are some reasons why your answering machine can't provide this service and why a live answering service is a better choice.

The Must-Have Metrics a Call Answering Service Should Use to Measure Success

Successful businesses have measurements in place to benchmark goals and achievements. They need quantifiable ways to determine performance. A call answering service is no different. Deciding to hire a professional answering service is a wise move for both a business and its clients. It is possible to select a quality answering service that will to help you grow the business.  

How a Physicians Answering Service Can Help You Develop Patient Loyalty

If you own or manage a medical business, you know firsthand that acquiring new patients can be a challenge. The medical industry is competitive, so it's more important than ever that providers invest the time and energy into building long-term trust and loyalty with their existing patients. You can treat your patients well in most respects, but if you fail them on a customer service level, there's a good chance that they will leave and never return. Here are reasons why patient loyalty is so important as well as three ways that a physicians' answering service can help your business develop patient loyalty.

Is Your Business Keeping Pace With Changing Technology Trends?

We've been living in the Information Age for decades, which means that our economy has shifted to one that is more tech-based versus than industrial. While this might seem obvious on the surface, only the most successful businesses have learned that embracing the latest tech innovations is the best way to grow a business. Tech can help a company provide top-level customer service, become more efficient, and boost profits. Here are several ways that your business can incorporate changing technology trends to promote success, including hiring a call answering service.

For Legal Firms, It Pays to Get the Little Things Right

If you manage or run a legal practice, you know that it is both competitive and a lot of work. The typical lawyer works anywhere from 60 to 70 hours per week, and it could be even higher if you are a sole practitioner. Client service can make or break a law firm as those who excel at delivering value will both sign and retain the most clients. Here are just three ways that your legal firm can focus on client service with some small adjustments to your business.

Why Law Firms Need Superior Communication

As you trudged your way through your undergraduate degree and then law school, you undoubtedly learned the importance of paying attention to details. Miss one simple step and it could affect your performance or even your passing grade. Now that you're an attorney, that same attention to detail translates into your work. Not only do you need to apply your detail-oriented skills to your cases, but also to your interaction with clients. 

Service: The Soul of an Answering Service

Surviving in business today requires that you're not only good at what you do but that you also treat your customers better than your competitors do. If you want to keep pace with your rivals or to leave them in the dust, a good strategy is to concentrate on your core business and delegate support functions to quality providers. In the area of customer service, here are six ways that a call answering service can help your business rise to the top.