An Answering Service is like Attorney Insurance

Posted by Tony Patterson on Nov 1, 2017 9:24:23 AM


Insurance and an attorney are two things most people have access to, but hope to never use. An attorney is your insurance for life’s legal problems. An attorney needs insurance just like the rest of us. Simply stated; a professional answering service is an attorney’s insurance policy.While a lwyer is busy a professinal phone answering service handles important calls

Whether you have an office full of attorney’s, paralegals and secretaries or you are a one attorney law firm, the need for a answering service is essential for three reasons; bilingual lead capture, availability and credibility.


The life blood of a law firm is the influx of new clients. These new clients come in through several ways; referral, internet search and ad campaigns. Having a bilingual live answering service will increase your lead capture ability and move you closer to retaining a new client.

As it concerns a referral, when that person calls they will expect the same great service that their friend, relative or coworker received and that starts with their phone call being answered. No matter the size of your firm, a missed phone call is a missed opportunity which means loss revenue. A call generated from an internet search works the same way. We all want to speak to a person and not a machine when an important service is required.

With a proper ad campaign you should see an uptick in calls. An answering service will get the calls you miss. When utilizing a service during business hours ask your phone provider about “rollover”. Rollover is simply having every call initially ring at your office and then after a set number of rings it is automatically forwarded to your service. You will never miss another opportunity again.


To a majority of the population a lawyer is a lawyer. The populace usually doesn’t see or Using a phone answering service means a lawyer phone is always answered.understand the difference between one law firm and the next. There are specialties like criminal law and immigration law to name a couple. The average citizen who needs a lawyer will jump online and if they get an automated system they rarely leave messages. They will just call the next firm on the search. As discussed above, your ability to answer every call will impact your bottom line.


Most law firms have a web presence with the expressed desire to pull in more business which means absolutely nothing if nobody is on the other end of the phone when they call for a consultation. Having an answering service to go along with your new ad campaign will separate your firm from others. Increase your credibility by choosing an answering service with the ability to direct transfer any potential new client to an attorney. This goes a long way to securing new business.

If the idea of an answering service is new to your firm look for one that offers a free trial.  Stop missing calls, stop missing revenue; begin with hiring an answering service. Some things are free. 

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